Remy Hair

Are Remy And Virgin Hair The same?


Remy (Remi) and virgin hair are conditions which might be generally utilized interchangeably, but they seldom, if at any time, signify the same. Remy might be both virgin or non-virgin, but virgin is often Remy. What Remy and virgin hair have in frequent is both are during the top quality section.


Remy is usually that variety of hair the place all of its cuticles are intact and face inside the similar direction: roots are on just one aspect and tips about the other, much like when the hair is escalating obviously. This attribute will allow you to definitely brush and treat your Remy extensions identical to you would probably your real hair. There isn’t a tangling and matting like with non-Remy hair. The term Remy itself will not confer with any model title, but into the system of collecting the hair that leaves the cuticles intact. Remy hair is often chemically handled to attain some rarer colours, and textured for more availability.

There can be a excellent motive why may be the virgin hair regarded as top quality high quality and why it will come for the top quality selling prices as well. This hair is actually virgin and in its most all-natural point out. For being categorised as virgin, the hair ought to meet really meticulous benchmarks: it mustn’t be permed, dyed, colored, bleached, relaxed, or in any other case chemically processed in any way. To qualify as true virgin hair, that hair mustn’t be even blow-dried or exposed to harsh brokers which include cigarette smoke or medications. All virgin hair need to originate from an individual donor, which assures consistency in texture. The texture may be straight, wavy or curly. Often, virgin hair texture might be altered utilizing a substantial pressure and warmth system, but due to the fact no chemical processing is concerned, this hair remains to be considered as virgin.

All the cuticles need to be intact and working inside the exact same course. For that explanation, it’s usually known as cuticle hair. The cuticle safeguards the hair from destruction, resulting within a shinier, smoother, softer and more sturdy hair that styles far more normally. This also usually means that extra operate is necessary to keep up the look and feel in the hair.

The controversy of when to make use of the phrase Remy, and when is virgin a more appropriate identify will most likely carry on. You’ll find some who consider the whole thing a non-issue due to the fact all of the hair is in a way chemically addressed, although it was not coloured or permed, since the chemical compounds inside our hair items consist of adequate chemical compounds to change any hair over time.

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